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SmartPass is trusted by hundreds of thousands of teachers, staff, and students. Here’s what they have to say about us:
"SmartPass has increased the efficiency of creating and tracking hall passes for my students! No more paper passes and time sheets, SmartPass does all the legwork for teachers."
Nicholas Simon — Teacher at Clark County School District
“SmartPass has been a game changer in our ability to monitor which students are in the hallways at a given time and to manage daily procedures, including late arrivals and early dismissals.”
Megan Swope —  Technology Coach at Pennsbury High School
"I love SmartPass! It is so convenient and time saving. I couldn't go back to paper passes ever again!"
Shawn Bell — Teacher at a Pennsylvannia High School
"There's so much about SmartPass that we find useful for our middle school.  We love the added layer of protection in case of emergency. We find it extremely helpful during 'Flex' time where students are allowed to visit many places in the school.  We also appreciate how easy it is to get support from the SmartPass team and how they are always willing to take our suggestions for future improvements."
Tara Scognamiglio — Instructional Technology at Hardyston Township Public School District
"We considered other solutions, but SmartPass blew the competition out of the water in terms of ease-of-use, features, and support."
Alexis Goodwin —  Principal at a Washington Public School District
"SmartPass makes life so much easier now! The program tracks students throughout the building and makes it much easier to keep abreast of their whereabouts."
Peter Orapello —  Teacher at a Georgia Public School
"In just a few clicks, I set it up to prevent 4 frequent flyers from "meeting up" to vape."
Evelyn Murphy —  Principal at a Tennessee Private High School
"I love SmartPass! I am able to monitor how many students I have in the Media Center and I can also track how many visitors I have had. SmartPass has been a game changer for us!"
Holly Brown — Media Specialist at Carver Road Middle School
"SmartPass is AWESOME!!! We use it at our high school and it is a great app that makes life much, much easier. Students know that it is the way we keep them safe, accountable, and on time. Teachers use it with ease and regularity to keep students safe, accountable, and on time.

I wouldn't want to go back in time because SmartPass has streamlined procedures, eliminated paperwork, and freed up time to focus on the very important job of teaching.

Thanks for always asking for feedback to improve and we look forward to using SmartPass for years and years to come!"
Mark Fisher —  Teacher at Madison Public Schools
"It was so simple for my students and teachers to get up and running. We've implemented a lot of new technology, and this had to be the easiest by far."
Sarah Ford —  Assistant Principal at a Texas Public School District
"Without SmartPass, there wouldn't be a way to know which learners are in the hallway — critical when there's a building emergency."
James Hunt —  Assistant Principal at a Missouri Public School
"When I was a lunch monitor, SmartPass was essential in helping us keep track of students."
Emily Cruse — Teacher at a Pennsylvannia School District
"Amazing, can’t recommend enough. Great COVID safety features. Has made reopening our school feel way more manageable."
Teacher at California Public School

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