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Streamlining Hallway Management and Enhancing Teacher Efficiency with SmartPass

Discover how Northeast Middle School in Bethlehem, PA, part of the Bethlehem Area School District, successfully implemented SmartPass to monitor student whereabouts, manage hallway encounters, and improve overall teacher efficiency.

Northeast Middle School
Bethlehem, PA
Using SmartPass Since 2022-23
Using SmartPass For

Monitoring Student Whereabouts, Hallway Management, Intervention and Encounter Groups

Alexandra Rinaldi
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Northeast Middle School faced challenges related to monitoring student whereabouts, managing hallway encounters, and addressing behavior issues.

Teacher Alexandra Rinaldi noted that the traditional paper pass system required significant time and effort from teachers to write passes, check their validity, and manually track the minutes students spent outside the classroom.

Ensuring hallway safety and minimizing disruptions caused by certain students being in the hallway simultaneously posed additional challenges.


SmartPass emerged as the ideal solution for Northeast Middle School, empowering teachers to efficiently monitor student whereabouts and manage hallway encounters.

The digital system, and its ability to automate various tasks, eliminates the need for paper passes and the associated administrative tasks. Teachers could easily track the minutes students spent outside the classroom, streamlining attendance monitoring. With this reduced administrative burden, teachers can spend more time focusing  on instruction and engaging with their students in a positive way.

A standout feature that greatly benefited the school is the ability for administrators to create intervention and encounter groups within SmartPass.

By utilizing Encounter Prevention, the school effectively addressed hallway safety concerns and minimized disruptions. Teachers no longer had to make judgment calls regarding which students should be allowed in the hallway or worry about potential behavior issues. Northeast's use of Encounter Prevention automatically managed the presence of certain students by blocking student meet-ups, whether for safety reasons or to prevent other hallway issues. This capability significantly simplified hallway management and reduced potential behavior problems, creating a safer and more positive learning environment.

"As an administrator on SmartPass, you can create intervention and encounter groups so that certain kids won't be in the hallway at the same time. That is phenomenal. It is the coolest thing ever. It makes my job so much easier."

- Alexandra Rinaldi, Teacher, Northeast Middle School


Northeast Middle School experienced improved efficiency, streamlined hallway management, and enhanced teacher satisfaction. SmartPass not only simplified the monitoring of student whereabouts but also contributed to a more focused learning environment by lightening the administrative load on teachers. The tool proved invaluable in addressing behavior issues and promoting a safe and orderly school atmosphere.

The positive impact  of SmartPass on Northeast Middle School's operations and student culture has made it highly recommended by Northeast's staff. Schools considering implementing SmartPass can expect quicker, easier, and more effective bathroom breaks, as well as improved hallway safety and overall administrative efficiency.

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