About Us

Switch your school to SmartPass in 1 hour - it's that easy to have safe students.

Our Mission

SmartPass was founded on the basis of student safety and accountability. Our roots originate in the classroom (and hallway), with ideation from a school administrator who saw a clear security and safety issue in his managing students. The SmartPass solution now provides a comprehensive hall pass application with a school safety focus. 

Daniel C. Bontempo

CEO & Founder, over 15 years as school administrator and 25 years in the education space.

Meet the Team

Peter Luba

Product Manager

Peter currently leads product development, marketing, and our Customer Success Team - adhering to the company mission of safe students. He is currently studying Integrated Business and Engineering at Lehigh University and loves to ski.

Will Gulian

Backend & Systems Architect

Will manages the SmartPass deployments and is in charge of server development. He is a CS major at Georgia Tech, and in his free time, competes in hackathons and cybersecurity competitions, designs circuit boards for Tech's HyperLoop team, and is helping to restore a late 70s-era personal computer.

Dhruv Sringari

Lead iOS Developer

Dhruv handles the development of our iOS app. By ensuring a polished and fluid experience, Dhruv helps provide an invaluable tool for administrators and teachers. He is currently majoring in Computer Science at Penn State.

Kyle Cook

Lead Web Developer

Kyle is responsible for overseeing and developing the web application. He is always trying to expand his knowledge by participating in competitions, seeking out academic opportunities, and speaking with peers and professional in the field. He is currently enrolled at Drexel University for Software Engineering.

Ananth Dandibhotla

Lead Android Developer

Ananth is responsible for the Android app, and he is constantly looking for new ways to enhance the usability of mobile apps. He is currently studying Computer Science at Georgia Tech

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