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Hall Pass: Teacher PD Training
Taught by Tameka, Vince, Dan
Ready to ditch the old-school hall passes? Say hey to SmartPass, the digital hall pass system that makes life easy-peasy. Hang with us as we show you the ropes of the SmartPass Digital Hall Pass Program 🎉
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ID Cards: Getting Set Up
Taught by Jennifer, Kristen, Vince
Say goodbye to the hassle of printing IDs and hello to time-saving awesomeness with HallPass Digital IDs! Not only do they free up your staff's time, but they also save you some sweet cash. Plus, why bother with extra devices when you can rock the IDs on the gadgets your students already have? 🎉
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Room Setup Tips & Tricks
Taught by Jennifer, Patricio
Dive into the ultimate SmartPass Rooms guide for some tips and tricks! We'll walk you through step-by-step setting up rooms like a pro and share unique ideas to get those creative juices flowing. The class is sponsored by a former tech coordinator who launched her school and many others. You won't want to miss this! 🎉
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Emergency Mode: Deep Dive
Taught by Alisha, Kristen, Vince
Time to boost your emergency superhero status! Hang out with us and soak up the Emergency Mode know-how – Gain visibility in your building, no matter what kind of emergency comes knocking. 🚨 Let's dive in and make schools safer!
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Flex & Attendance: The Basics
Taught by Patricio, Vince, Jennifer
Get ready to level up your flex time game with SmartPass Flex and Attendance! Wrangle that flex chaos, keep students on track, and let teachers unleash their most effective classes for every awesome student out there. Time to make flex time a breeze and classes a blast! 🚀
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Hall Pass: Office and Clerical Staff PD Training
Taught by Tameka, Vince, Dan
Calling all guidance counselors, nurses, and main office staff! Ready to unlock the full potential of your SmartPass system? Accelerate student arrivals, simplify attendance management, address tardiness, ensure efficient access to medical care, and explore innovative ways to extend SmartPass benefits beyond the conventional classroom setting. Let's make education both productive and enjoyable!
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