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You’ve been invited to visit this resource page for guardians because your school adopted SmartPass, the leading digital hall pass and student movement system in education, to help make student movement on campus safer, easier, and less stressful.

We understand that you have questions about what SmartPass is and does. Thank you for taking time to understand how SmartPass impacts your student(s) on campus.

What’s Included?
SmartPass has it all-in-one. Manage hall passes, ID Cards, advisory periods, pull-out interventions, tardy & early dismissals, preventing bathroom meetups, instant emergency lockdowns, prom & event tickets, cafeteria check-ins, daily nurse medication appointments, counseling sessions, and so much more.
Is it Secure?
We take data privacy seriously and adhere to strict standards to protect your school's and students' information. Your child’s data is confidential and secure with SmartPass.

We do not use GPS tracking, nor do we track individual student locations, but we provide valuable insights to ensure students are where they should be.

We are fully FERPA, COPPA, CSPC, SDPC, NY 2-D, and SOPPA compliant. We don’t share any personally identifiable information, nor do we sell student or school data.
What Are the Benefits?
Safer School Spaces:
SmartPass shows school leaders student movement trends to help them make informed decisions about areas of the building that require additional supervision, improving overall school safety. Areas of campus that are less supervised during the school day can be hidden from student view, meaning students can’t go there without permission, preventing unsafe gatherings.

Students can still access all of the spaces that they need throughout the school day, like restrooms, drinking fountains, and offices.
More Instructional Time:
With fewer disruptions from pass requests and less time spent digging through paperwork, your school’s teachers can spend more time focused on teaching. And with students less inclined to wander the halls, they’ll maximize their learning time.
Increased Student Autonomy:
Students are in control of where they go with their passes and how they spend their time at each destination. Students can see in real time how their time is spent and learn to organize it—and themselves—better.

We’ve seen students manage their flex period offerings, request additional support from their teachers, and take charge of their mental health by requesting counselor appointments. SmartPass empowers students to advocate for themselves and their needs with just a few clicks.
Equitable Support & Accessibility for All Students:
Your child’s school ensures that every student, regardless of individual abilities special needs or accommodations, receives the support they need. SmartPass pass settings are customizable at the individual level to provide brain and walking breaks, extra time per pass as needed, regular nurse visits, and more. All of this is done with discretion to safeguard your student’s privacy and dignity. Other students are none-the-wiser.

What’s more, SmartPass firmly believes in building and maintaining products and services that are accessible to the widest possible audience. We actively follow the guidelines set by the US Section 508 Standards and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. Our features are thoughtfully designed to ensure readability. Elements such as font size, helpful icons, color choices, and contrasts are made with these guidelines in mind.

Our hope is that by adhering and exceeding these rigorous standards, we are creating an inclusive learning environment and empowering students of all abilities and needs to take charge of their time management and thrive. For more information, please refer to our Accessibility Center.
Simplified School Operations:
We simplify the entire hall pass process, saving valuable time for staff without compromising safety or flexibility.

Your student spends less time waiting to check in at the attendance office after a morning dentist appointment and can meet you at that office sooner when they get sick in the afternoon. 🤒
What Have Other Schools/Districts Said?
But don't just take our word for it; here are testimonials from principals and teachers who have experienced the benefits of SmartPass:
"SmartPass is AWESOME!!! Students know that it is the way we keep them safe, accountable, and on time. I wouldn't want to go back in time because SmartPass has streamlined procedures, eliminated paperwork, and freed up time to focus on the very important job of teaching."
Mark Fisher
Teacher at Madison Public Schools
"Without SmartPass, there wouldn't be a way to know which learners are in the hallway—critical when there's a building emergency."
James Hunt
Assistant Principal at a Missouri Public School
Have Additional Questions?
If you have any questions or would like to explore SmartPass further, please feel free to reach out to your school administrator.

We believe that SmartPass can make a positive impact on your child's school experience, ensuring a safer and more efficient learning environment for all students. Thank you for your interest in learning about SmartPass! 💚
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Over 10,000 principals and school leaders use SmartPass for hall passes, ID Cards, advisory periods, pull-out interventions, counseling sessions, and more.