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SmartPass is a digital hall pass application that accounts for students in the hallway in case of emergencies. 

Students with electronic hall passes

Safety & Accountability

SmartPass is the first digital hall pass solution with a focus on school safety. It provides administrators the whereabouts of which students are outside the classroom at any point. In case of emergencies such as fires, severe weather, or building intruders, administrators have real-time access to this critical information. Beyond the uses for emergency situations, the transition from paper to digital makes identifying drug use in bathrooms or students who may be taking advantage of hallway privileges easier than ever. This leads to more effective and informative parent teacher conferences, as well as ensuring students are where they should be- in the classroom learning.

A Simple Pass Can Do So Much

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Ultimate Organization

We know how chaotic it can be managing an entire school (or even a single classroom). Our intelligent administrator dashboard provides both a high-level overview and detailed reports of hallway activity. Hall monitors have a live view of all students outside the classroom. Teachers can manage students coming in and out of their classroom.


Easy as

Creating a pass on their school-provided laptop, iPad, or mobile device coudn’t be simpler- within a few taps, a student can pass through the hallways safely. Want to schedule a time to meet with a teacher? Send a request to schedule a pass for the future. In case of an emergency or for parent-teacher conferences, staff automatically knows where the student is going.



SmartPass understands that school is a place for learning, and classrooms (not hallways) are where the learning happens. Knowing that your student isn’t going to the bathroom for 20 minutes every class, and that during an emergency an administrator can generate a live report of every student outside the classroom gives ultimate peace of mind.

Electronic hall pass for now and future
Electronic hall passes on computer
Parent-teacher conferences
Having a live account of every student in the hallway is incredible- we’ve been looking for something like this for years.
- Tennessee School Administrator

Seamless Set-up

SmartPass interfaces entirely with the Google Suite for Education, providing secure and quick single sign-in for school administrators, teachers, and students. Administrators can configure SmartPass to the school's unique requirements, making the transition from paper and room block passes to a digital solution as seamless as possible. Set-up takes as little as one hour.

Google Suite for Education and School Administrators
Department of Education

We Value Privacy

We at SmartPass place the utmost priority in maintaining students privacy and keeping their data safe. This includes high-level safeguarding techniques to protect user data, as well as adhering to FERPA, COPPA, and other student privacy measures.

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