The Hall Pass

Digital hall pass that improves student
accountability and safety.

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Student Accountability

Students can make passes from any
device to log where they are going
inside the school.

Schedule passes for the future that get
entered into a teacher’s calendar

SmartPass Student Active Pass
SmartPass Teacher Hall Monitor iPad

School Safety

In emergency situations like building
fires or intruders, it’s critical to know where students are in the building.

With SmartPass, you know which
students are outside of staff-protected classrooms.

"Having a live view of all students in
the hallway is incredible."

~ Tennessee school administrator

SmartPass Admin Dashboard

Parent-teacher conferences

Identify if students are taking advantage of hallway privileges and increase the amount of time they spend in the classroom.

Use the intelligent search tool to view comprehensive student summary reports.

We value privacy

We at SmartPass place the utmost
priority in maintaining students privacy
and keeping their data safe.

This includes high-level safeguarding
techniques to protect user data, as
well as adhering to FERPA, COPPA, and
other student privacy measures.

SmartPass never tracks location.

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Germ-infested room block

The room block passes used today in
schools are disgusting. From
unwashed hands to bathroom floors,
these room block passes have seen it all.

See how gross these room block
passes are and how SmartPass is
the sanitary solution.

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Easy set-up, quick launch

Accounts are set up through G Suite with one click.
Add the rooms in your school and you’re ready to go.

Switching from paper to digital is seamless.

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