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Customize and Distribute Digital ID Cards in less than 5 minutes

A secure way for students and staff to always have access to ID cards, right in SmartPass.

Secure Digital IDs, no more printing cards

When a student needs to scan in at the beginning of the school day, buy lunch at the cafeteria, or check out a library book, they'll use the same device they already have. No more ink costs or plastic cards.
Safe and secure - can’t be lost or stolen
Instantly available, automatic updates
Works with any scanning system

"The upfront cost of Plastic ID Cards are tremendous. 
We’re making the switch.”

Justin Dimitri —  Director of Student Affairs, Marmion Academy
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Easy for you to manage and customize. Just a few clicks to distribute them to everyone.

Profile Pictures
Easily upload profile pictures from your SIS or third-party photography vendor (i.e. LifeTouch).
Color & School Mascot
Customize the color to match your school’s branding, and even add your school’s logo.
ID Numbers & Barcode
Sync ID numbers from your SIS or quickly upload a CSV, and choose which type of barcode. We support them all!
Emergency Phone Numbers or Hotlines
Add text on the back of the Digital ID card for important phone numbers or required State info.
Grade Levels
Sync student’s grade levels from your SIS or quickly upload a CSV.
Custom Fields
Coming Fall 2023
Add any other kinds of information on the ID cards you might want.

Ditch the Plastic Cards

Safe & Secure
Set up in 5 minutes
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