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Enhancing Campus Safety and Streamlining Communication with SmartPass

Discover how PSJA Southwest ECHS, part of the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District in Pharr, TX, successfully implemented SmartPass to hold administration, security, and teachers accountable while promoting campus safety and improving communication for sports events.

PSJA Southwest ECHS
Pharr, TX
Using SmartPass Since 2022-23
Using SmartPass For

Campus Safety Accountability, Streamlining Sports Event Communication

Aaron Whitelaw
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PSJA Southwest ECHS sought a solution to enhance campus safety and accountability while improving communication for sports events. The administration, security personnel, and teachers needed a tool that could effectively hold everyone accountable and promote a safe environment.

Additionally, Aaron Whitelaw, head basketball coach, needed easy and streamlined communication for coordinating early releases or managing athletes for tournaments.


SmartPass emerged as the perfect solution for PSJA Southwest ECHS, providing an effective way to hold all stakeholders accountable and promote campus safety.

The tool allows for effortless monitoring of student movement, ensuring that staff were all aware of students' intended destinations on campus. Because of this, all students adhered to the newly established policies around their movement from place to place. SmartPass became an invaluable resource in promoting a safe environment for students and staff alike.

As the head basketball coach, SmartPass provided Whitelaw with streamlined communication when organizing early releases for tournaments or managing athletes. By utilizing the application, everyone on campus remained on the same page. By securing maintaining clear communication, Whitelaw's coordination of sporting events is efficient, resulting in a successful athletic program for the school.

"SmartPass is an excellent application. It really holds our administration, our security, our teachers—everyone accountable. If you really want to keep our campus safe, this is the perfect application."

- Aaron Whitelaw, Campus Instructional Technologist/Head Boys Basketball Coach, PSJA Southwest ECHS


PSJA Southwest ECHS embraced SmartPass as a vital resource in their commitment to campus safety. SmartPass fosters student accountability, allowing the district and the campus to maintain a secure environment for students, staff, and visitors.

Moving forward, PSJA Southwest ECHS will continue utilizing SmartPass as a cornerstone of their safety initiatives and communication strategies. The administration, security personnel, teachers, and coaches will continue working collaboratively to maximize the benefits of SmartPass, ensuring campus safety and efficient coordination for sports events. The school community is grateful for SmartPass and excited for what's to come of their partnership.

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