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Enhancing Counseling Office Efficiency and Real-Time Student Tracking with SmartPass

Explore how Carter High, part of the Rialto Unified School District in Rialto, CA, successfully implemented SmartPass to improve real-time student tracking, streamline counselor appointments, and establish effective usage protocols.

Carter High School
Rialto, CA
Using SmartPass Since 2022-23
Using SmartPass For

Real-Time Student Whereabouts, Counseling Office Efficiency, Usage Protocol Implementation

Katrina Mitchell
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Carter High faced challenges in efficiently managing student appointments and tracking their whereabouts. The traditional appointment system lacked real-time visibility, making it difficult for counselors to anticipate student visits and ensure students reached their intended destinations.

Furthermore, students occasionally abused the system by leaving without notifying their teachers, creating potential disruptions and misuse.


SmartPass proved to be a valuable solution for Carter High with its real-time data updates and streamlined appointment-request process. Counselor Katrina Mitchell appreciates the ability to know which students to expect, enhancing counselors' organization, preparation, and productivity in the counseling office.

Equally important is ensuring that students reach their intended destinations after a counseling appointment has ended. SmartPass sees to it that students and school staff know how long their pass is active, meaning students don't loiter because there's an adult anticipating that student's arrival. SmartPass facilitates efficient communication between the counselor and teachers, minimizing disruptions and fostering a collaborative approach to student support.

SmartPass provides Carter High with a new level of transparency, ensuring accurate record-keeping and facilitating efficient student movement from place-to-place on campus. Both the counselors and teachers alike now have the necessary visibility to monitor student progress and follow up as needed.

Mitchell notes the need for improved communication between students and teachers when requesting an appointment or pass. By establishing a system that promotes proper usage and student accountability with SmartPass, the school aims to further enhance the effectiveness of SmartPass for all stakeholders.

"So what I like about the SmartPass is it's real-time. I know who to expect coming to my office, and I know when I send a student back, I know where they're going and whether or not they have reached their destination."

- Katrina Mitchell, Counselor, Carter High


Carter High acknowledged the importance of partnering with SmartPass to encourage proper usage and prevent misuse. The school's goal is to optimize the benefits of SmartPass for all users by implementing a comprehensive protocol that emphasizes student responsibility and effective communication.

Moving forward, Carter High is committed to ensuring that SmartPass becomes an integral part of their school's operations. By leveraging the real-time tracking capabilities and enhancing the usage protocols, the school anticipates even greater efficiency and effectiveness in student tracking, counselor appointments, and overall administrative processes.

The school looks forward to the upcoming academic year, where they will continue to utilize SmartPass, educate teachers and students on its proper usage, and maximize the benefits of real-time student tracking for a more streamlined and effective counseling office—and school-wide—experience.

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