Limiting exposure

Give your students vital information

SmartPass can tell your students how many other students are in the Bathroom, Library, Classroom, etc.
Show the number of students in a school bathroom
Limit the number of people in your school bathroom

Limit the number of people in a room

Prevent large groups from forming in any room.
"Amazing, can’t recommend enough. Great COVID safety features. Has made reopening our school feel way more manageable."
Teacher at a California Public School

Contact tracing

Contact tracing is critical to determine which of your students may have been exposed to COVID-19. Stay ahead of the spread to instantly trace back possibly infected students in your school.
SmartPass contact tracing in schools

Search a student and date range

SmartPass contact tracing in schools

1st and 2nd degree contacts

Any students who had a pass to the same room at the same time are first degree contacts. When a first-degree contact is in the same room as another student, the other student gets flagged as a second degree contact.
SmartPass contact tracing school reports

Take smart action

Use this list to contact parents, focused temperature checks, and determine which rooms need the most cleaning.
SmartPass does not use GPS location tracking.

Scheduling check-ins

Temperature checks

Send students to the nurse with a digital system. Avoid handing out paper passes in the mornings by sending a digital pass anytime with a notification.

Support passes

Avoid invite slips for academic support, mental health support, or additional support students need for returning back to school.
Scheduling temperature-checks in schools
Easy lunch pick-ups for schools

Lunch pickups

Send passes instantly to a group of students for lunch pickups.

Open safely with SmartPass

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