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Frequently asked questions

What is launch day?

Launch day is the day your school will start using SmartPass. Students won’t be able to sign in until launch day, but staff can! The 60 day free trial starts on launch day. Take as much time as you need to set up your school- but the average school takes less than an hour to configure, we’ve made it that easy.

Is the 60 day trial really free?

Yes! You’ll get full-access to all features to see how SmartPass works at your school. No commitment, no payment information required to get started.

Unlimited admins, teachers, and assistants?

Oh you bet. Unlimited and always free.

What happens at the end of my trial?

At the end of the trial, if your payment hasn’t processed yet, all students won’t be able to sign-in anymore ☹️. You’ll have 45 days to decide until all of your data is erased forever...

What’s the catch? This seems too good to be true.

When we started SmartPass, we realized that there’s a lot of friction in the school-software space. Things took forever to launch and weren’t easy (or fun) for the admin to set-up. We’re trying to break the perception that it’s difficult to set-up and launch new software in schools- and improve student accountability with the digital hall pass.

What does pay per student mean?

Pay for the students that have accounts on SmartPass. We price it based on the maximum number of students, so no worries about re-billing if you have to add accounts.

What does set-up cost?

Nothing! There’s no set-up cost to get SmartPass up and running at your school. You’ll also get unlimited time to get your school up and ready to go.

Do you have training?

Our entire school set-up process can be done all by you, we’ve made it that easy. The record for a school signing up and launching is three days, let us know if you beat it. 😉 In addition, someone from our Customer Success team can give you free personalized training and show you how SmartPass can work best for your school.