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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to setup SmartPass?

Most schools can start using SmartPass within 1 week. After your first demo, we will help you sync accounts with your SIS, create your rooms and pass options, and get your school ready for launch.

What does set-up cost?

Nothing! There’s no set-up cost to get SmartPass up and running at your school. You’ll also get unlimited time to get your school up and ready to go.

Do you have training?

Someone from our Customer Success team can give you free personalized training and show you how SmartPass can work best at your school. Our entire school set-up process can be done all by you, we’ve made it that easy.

How do I get a price quote?

You can create a quote above. Keep an estimate of your enrollment numbers ready since we need them to bill you.

How can I pay?

Once you request a quote, you can optionally submit a purchase order and pay the invoice with check or credit card.

Do you offer multi-year discounts?

Schools and districts that purchase a multi-year subscription now can lock-in additional savings. Contact us if you want to purchase for more than two years.

Do you offer district discounts?

If more than one school is purchasing SmartPass, we'll be able to give your schools a discount. Create a quote above to see any potential savings for your district.

Where can I find your W9?

Our W9 can be downloaded here:

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