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Launching today: Encounter prevention, Profile pictures, and more...

August 11, 2023
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Have you ever wanted to make sure certain students aren’t in the hallways together? Whether you’re trying to stop vaping or vandalism, or put an end to bullying or “lovebirds” from meeting up.

Now SmartPass can help prevent these unwanted “encounters” for you, so you spend less time trying to manually monitor these students. Check it out, along with other improvements you might’ve missed.

🛑 Encounter Prevention

Just select two or more students that you don’t want to be in the hallway at the same time, and let SmartPass do the work. When a student or staff member tries to make a pass while another student has one, it’ll be prevented.

Best of all, we’ll tell you when an encounter was prevented — so you can see when students tried to meet up and how many times this occurs.

📸 Profile Pictures

Add profile pictures for your students that will show for teachers and admins on the Hall Monitor tab, on passes, and more — making it easy to identify who has a hall pass in the hallway and who doesn't.

It’s easy to set up and will take less than 10 minutes if you bulk-upload the files provided by a third-party photo vendor (e.g. Lifetouch).

🔓 Google Instant Login

If your school uses Google, you’ll now be able to use this special link: to instantly take you to the Google sign-in page to login to SmartPass. It skips a step of having to type in your email address.

This is perfect for your school’s Intranet/dashboard. Don’t fret, the current login page will still work fine.

If you have any questions or feedback, shoot us an email or visit our wishlist to post your feature idea. And if your colleagues at other schools are looking for safety and vandalism solutions to implement for next year, share SmartPass with them!

Get a Free 30 min Demo of SmartPass
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