Product Updates

Introducing hiding expired passes, a new Android app, End Pass Encouragements, and more

February 9, 2021

We hope your school is off to a great second semester! With the majority of schools across the country now hybrid, if you love SmartPass, share it with your friends at other schools. When schools you refer sign up, we’ll send you some SmartPass T-shirts and stickers, as well as a digital badge in the SmartPass app.

In the meantime, we're excited to share some recent releases:

Hide & filter expired passes

Directly from teacher feedback, we’ve cleaned up the Teacher dashboard so they can automatically filter expired passes that were made in the past hour, day, etc. Plus, teachers can optionally hide the section altogether!

New Android app & SmartPass for Older Devices

We’ve completely redesigned our app on Android devices from the ground-up, giving teachers and students the latest features like pass limits as well as a familiar design. Download the new app here!

In addition, if your school has outdated iPads or other devices lying around, we’ve optimized our website so that you can use SmartPass just like a downloaded app.

Encouraging students to end expired passes

With schools setting pass limits for Bathrooms and other common rooms, we wanted to make sure that students aren’t waiting for the room to open if another student forgot to end their pass (we found that almost ⅓ of all passes weren’t ended). We created some notifications and pop-ups to encourage students to end their passes.

Therefore, other students won’t be waiting as long for the Bathroom to open up (especially useful once our Waiting in Line feature is released next month).

CSV Report Exporting

Admins can now export an entire pass report and have a CSV sent to their email. Previously there was a cap of 300 passes, but we optimized it so it can efficiently export as many passes as you want. We also made the passes and accounts pages 2x faster!

Small features

Along with under-the-hood improvements, you’ll see a refreshed app icon and sign-in page. From your feedback, we’ve also updated the design of the Teacher Pin to make it clearer.

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