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Safety during COVID

  • Thousands of schools are planning their return to campus with a hybrid learning model.
  • Just like your school, they're looking for methods to handle students in the bathroom.
  • Things they've considered: An extra duty for teachers, limiting bathroom access during class transitions, google forms, and many other less than ideal solutions.
  • SmartPass can help them automatically limit students in the bathrooms and perform contact tracing.
Show the number of students in a school bathroom
Limit the number of people in your school bathroom

Digital Hall Pass System

We're new and that means schools just like yourself don't even know a digital hall pass system exists!

Help Schools Nationwide

  • We're looking for passionate administrators and staff to share their COVID learnings nationwide. If SmartPass works for your school, you can help other schools by telling them about us!
  • Post your learnings on Twitter or Facebook and tag us! @SmartPass
Show the number of students in a school bathroom

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*Taken pre-COVID era, our T-Shirts are popular though

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