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New in SmartPass: Student Quick Previews, Tips and Tricks, and more...

April 12, 2021

Student Quick Previews

We heard that teachers were looking for a way to check to see how many passes a student has had — especially before approving or creating a pass. Now you can!

When creating a pass, click the (i) icon to see a quick preview of the student’s latest passes and some basic stats. You can also check out this info on pass card popups and pass requests.

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Full-Screen Mode

Before a student can leave the room, some schools and teachers make the student flip around their Chromebook/iPad with the created pass. Now, students can make this “full-screen” so teachers can see it more easily.

Plus, teachers can see those same basic stats before the student creates the pass — making it easier for teachers to be aware of how many passes a student has created.

Things to come

In the last two (and a half) months of the school year, we’re still planning to release profile pictures, a Pass Waitlist, and a few other features. If you have any suggestions or want to vote on a feature, make sure to visit our wishlist or reach out.

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