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New features in SmartPass, March 2023 Edition

August 11, 2023
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⏳ Wait in Line

The time has come – Wait in Line is available today. When a room’s limit is reached, students can join a virtual waiting line. Students can carry on learning without having their eyes glued to SmartPass. When it’s their turn, they’ll see a popup and have 30 seconds to start this pass and leave. In case there's an emergency, teachers can override the limit.

To turn on this feature, go to Rooms → Pass Options. Once you enable it, students and teachers can start waiting in line right away!

We really appreciate your patience – we know this feature was a long-time coming, and it required some significant changes under-the-hood to make it happen.

🧮 Pass Limits: Only for Certain Rooms

You can now make pass limits only apply to certain rooms – for example, just bathrooms and water fountains. That way, counselor appointments, nurse visits, tardies, or trips to the main office won’t have to count toward a student’s daily limit.

Special thanks to Brian T., Kenneth E., Dustin R., Christ M., Kryshelle C., Michael C., Maria M., and many more for suggesting this feature!

🙋 New Help Center

Curious how other schools use SmartPass? We’ve redesigned our Help Center from the ground-up, making it easier for you to see guides on how to configure SmartPass, tips & tricks, live chat support, and more.

Click the “?” and it will open a new sidebar to access everything. If you’re on the Plus Plan, you’ll also see the phone number for instant support and a link to schedule optional monthly calls with us.

🔄 ID Numbers & Grade Levels Sync

If your school uses Clever or ClassLink, you’ll now see students’ ID Numbers and Grade Levels populated automatically.

⭐️ Not using Clever or ClassLink and want to switch? Simply chat with our support team. If you’ve manually uploaded ID Numbers or Grade Levels from a spreadsheet, we didn’t sync ID Numbers or Grade Levels for you. Please contact us if you want to turn on the sync.

🌦️ Coming Soon

Coming Next Month:
🔈 Alert sounds

🏠 Preventing rooms from being the “origin/from” room

🔔 A new notification system

Coming Next School Year:

🍿 We’ll be announcing everything at our annual “New at SmartPass” event in early May. Look out for an invite soon, you won’t want to miss it. 🤫

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us a chat.

Also, make sure to visit our Wishlist – so many of those features are coming next school-year and we’d love your feedback.

Get a Free 30 min Demo of SmartPass
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