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with a digital hall pass

SmartPass is the ultimate solution for hallway management.
SmartPass hall monitor on a Chromebook and student pass on a mobile device
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Worry-free commitment
Simple set-up

Reduce time spent in your hallways

Whether your school is big or small, students always spend crucial class-time in your hallways. SmartPass helps you control the flow of students and ensures they get the most out of the school day.
Comprehensive digital record of time away from class
Set pass limits and restrictions
No GPS location tracking

Increase student safety during emergencies

Identifying which students are in your hallways and away from a teacher is vital during any emergency situation like a fire or building intruder.
Print a report of every student in your hallways instantly.

Help prevent vandalism and disruptive behavior

With SmartPass, students have an accurate digital track record. It's easy to see where students go when they leave the classroom.
Reduce student vaping in your school
Report students and have it sent to an admin
Reduce vandalism in school bathrooms
Find out who was in the Bathroom around a certain time
Reduce frequent flyers in your school hallways
Reduce frequent flyers by setting limits on passes
Syncs with your existing SIS (student information system)
Integrate with your existing SIS & no new devices necessary

Simple set-up
Auto-sync your students. Import your rooms. Done. Works with 1:1 or BYOD.

The average school takes less than one week from demo to launch.
Use your existing hardware devices! SmartPass works well with 1:1 or BYOD.

SmartPass has your back

SmartPass is a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge

We take privacy seriously

We're fully FERPA and COPPA compliant and we've taken the Student privacy pledge. We implement the highest standards for security to keep your student data secure. We don't use GPS location tracking.
SmartPass has great support to help your school get started

Real, helpful humans

SmartPass was founded by a vice-principal, so we understand the needs of a school. Need help setting up a room? Want to know how to use a feature? Our dedicated customer support team is always a chat, email, or call away.

Take control of your hallways

Worry-free commitment
Simple setup
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