See what's new with the SmartPass System

Version 1.4


Kiosk Mode

Teachers can put their assigned room(s) into a mode that allows students to sign themselves out, perfect for a device right by the classroom door.

Speed Improvements

Load times of the site are up to 2x faster, most notably teachers sending passes to student groups and administrator search

Enhancements & Fixes

  • Smarter time selector during pass creation, being able to type in a time in the afternoon and it changing from AM to PM.
  • The layout of passes on the student and teacher homepages is bigger and more friendly.
  • A new font called Inter to aid in readability and clarity.
  • On iOS, fixed an issue with pass creation errors on the “To where?” page for teachers.
  • On web, fixed an issue where the Intro pages would show for the first time if certain network restrictions were in place.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Last Sign-in” time was not correct on the Accounts & Profiles tab.
  • On iOS, fixed an issue where students wouldn’t be able to resend a Missed Request they sent.
  • A “Me” tag on the administrator tab on your account on the Accounts & Profiles tab.
  • Fixed issue where creating a new folder from existing rooms was not working properly.
  • On the Reported Students card, if you have a date selected, to get back to the feed view you can click on the currently selected date.
  • On web, you can move between pages using the keyboard arrow keys on pass cards.
  • Clicking on “Generate Report” on the administrator search tab does not clear the results.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t click the background to dismiss the popup on the Pass Configuration tab.
  • Fixed layout issues with rooms inside folders and scroll position.
  • Fixed layout issues with invalid text fields on the web.
  • Fixed items that did not switch colors properly on web and iOS
  • Fixed PDF Generated Report issues.
  • Fixed date format issues on the administrator search results.
  • On iOS, fixed a situation where the countdown time on pass tiles would freeze.
  • And many more little tweaks!

Version 1.3

RELEASE MAY 28, 2019

Accounts & Profiles

View user-specific profile pages, add or remove users from profiles, restrict tabs, assistant profiles, and more.

Advanced Room Options

Control who students are able to send pass requests to, including support for multiple teachers.

School Settings

Change the pass buffer time, the time when a pass will automatically expire and showing room numbers on pass cards.

Missed Pass Requests

If a student or teacher has a pass request past the date of the pass, they can see the missed pass request and resend it.

Notification Settings

Control which types notifications you receive.

Enhancements & Fixes

  • Performance enhancements.
  • When selecting a destination, the rooms a teacher is assigned to will show up at the the top
  • More room icons (shhh...5,000 more), ability to search icons, icon names, and suggested icons.
  • Intro pages for students and teachers have been designed and simplified.
  • Dark theme on web.
  • Administrator Search tab redesign.
  • School setting for displaying room numbers on passes.
  • On the My Room tab, if a teacher is part of multiple rooms, when switching between tabs the last room they selected will persist and won’t get reset with the first room in the list.
  • Administrators have the option to export reports as a CSV.
  • If a teacher is part of multiple rooms, there is an option to see all passes from all the teacher’s rooms at the same time.
  • More friendly empty states, showing illustrations when there aren’t any search results, no student groups, no favorites, no rooms, no permission, and more.
  • Settings page redesign, with the profile switcher built in to the settings page.
  • Tweaks to all system icons, especially for higher-resolution displays.
  • The message page now shows who the student is sending the pass request to.
  • On iOS, support for split-screen functionality and multitasking.
  • On iOS, there are new animations for creating passes, deleting passes, and expiring passes.
  • On iOS, searching on the My Room tab is now possible.
  • On iOS, the action sheet was changed from the two-button alert.
  • On web, selecting students redesign to make viewing all students more user friendly.
  • On web, signing out goes back to the sign-in page, not the customer landing page
  • On web, the pass card was redesigned from the ground-up.
  • On iOS, the alternative sign-in matches the web version.
  • On iOS, the gradients were inverted to match the web.
  • On iOS, sorting passes, selecting rooms, and switching schools was redesigned.
  • On iOS, the calendar in light-mode was redesigned.
  • On iOS, bugs with scrolling on the My Room tab have been fixed.
  • On iOS, bugs with the scrollbar and navigation bar have been fixed.
  • On iOS, accepting a pass request from a teacher has been redesigned.
  • On iOS, fixed delay when swiping between pass history pages in the teacher view.
  • On iOS, when creating a future pass, the button has been changed from “Done” to “Next.”
  • On iOS, fixed quick actions errors when users use 3D touch on the home screen icon.
  • On iOS, fixed issue where the sort button on the hall monitor tab would get cut off by the school switcher.
  • Favoriting rooms, unfavoriting rooms, and rearranging rooms was made easier.
  • Placed limit of pass request messages to 160 characters.
  • On web, fixed a bug which would make the user have to repeatedly sign back in and not preserve their sign-in credentials.
  • On web, the date and time picker has been redesigned.
  • On web, importing rooms from a folder was redesigned and includes error messages for incorrect teacher matching.
  • On web, adding existing rooms to a folder was redesigned.
  • On web, displaying large amounts of users in the Accounts & Profiles tab has significant performance increase.
  • On web, adding new rooms to a folder was redesigned and now maintains scroll position.
  • On web, fixed bizarre text field behavior when the Grammarly extension is used.
  • On web, animations have been made quicker and redesigned.
  • On web, when loading the page or refreshing the page, there is a progress animation.
  • On web, on Safari rubber band scrolling now only works with the focused window not the entire page.
  • On web, if a user signs out of one tab of SmartPass, it will show they signed out and automatically sign them out of other tabs.
  • On web, if a user’s internet was disconnected, the site will show the internet was disconnected.
  • On web, the confirmation action sheets were redesigned.
  • On web, when the browser gets too small, it will suggest the user to make the browser larger
  • On web, the on/off switch was redesigned.
  • On web, popup sizes were standardized so they are all the same size now.
  • On web, bugs with sorting on the hall monitor tab were fixed.
  • On web, for administrators selecting the teachers that are inside a room was redesigned.
  • On web, there is no longer support for a table view of passes for students and teachers.
  • On web, fixed issue with text color changes on room creation pages.
  • On web, the report students popup was redesigned.
  • On web, the font was changed in table views to match the other font styles.
  • On web, when selecting a destination it now shows the correct down-click color.
  • On web, notifications through the Safari browser have lost support and will be re-implemented in a later version.
  • And many more little things...

Version 1.2

RELEASE FEB. 19, 2019

Pass Creation Redesign

Making passes on web is simpler and cleaner.

Student Groups

Quickly send passes to a group of students in one tap. Create and configure groups on the web.

Enhanced Notifications

More notifications on mobile, desktop notifications for the web, and notification sounds.

iPad Version

Everything on the web, iPhone, and Android - now officially in iPad size.

Adding + Removing Users

Add and remove users directly from the Accounts & Profiles tab - no more emailing us to add/remove. (Beta)

Enhancements & Fixes

  • Showing email IDs next to student names, addressing the issue with schools that have multiple students with the same first and last name.
  • New Sign in page, renaming “Demo Sign in” to “Alternative Sign in” and including friendly error message.
  • Full support for users that are part of multiple schools with the same G Suite account.
  • Friendly empty states, showing illustrations when there aren’t any passes in a certain location.
  • Fixed issues with sorting by name on the Hall Monitor tab.
  • Fixed issues with passes ending after the 20 minute expiration.
  • On web, administrators can click on a row in the search tab to view the pass card details.
  • On web, browser spell-check is enabled for Pass Configuration room and folder names.
  • On web, hovering over the graph to see the number of Active Passes was made easier.
  • On web, reordering favorites in favorites settings is now possible
  • On web, fixed issue with date selector sometimes showing incorrect dates
  • On web, fixed issues with favorited rooms not showing up as destinations if they were in folders.
  • On web, fixed issue with declinable text being incorrect and misleading.
  • On web, fixed trash icons on pass cards showing up in incorrect locations.
  • On web, fixed issues with administrator PDF reports not showing up if pop up blockers were disabled.
  • On web, fixed issues where the graph would occasionally show random data instead of correct pass data.
  • On web, fixed issue where the total number of G Suite accounts would show a miscalculated number.
  • On web, text fields include search icons and clear buttons.
  • On web, fixed spelling issue of "Reported Successfully" popup would be spelled incorrectly.
  • On web, accommodations for long administrator names.
  • On web, fixed issue where it would show the text for no passes sent or received, even though there were pass requests there.
  • On iOS, when reporting a student, the report card slides up and not down.
  • On iOS, users can go back in pass creation with a horizontal gesture.
  • On iOS, removed the End Pass confirmation action sheet.
  • On iOS, modified the icon for changing light mode and dark mode.
  • On iOS, fixed issues with the calendar dots showing on incorrect dates.
  • On iOS, fixed issue where if you scheduled a pass for tomorrow, it would show the incorrect date.
  • On Android, fixed issue where declining notifications would show another notification declined
  • On Android, made the app lighter weight in terms of size and needed resources.
  • On Android, added multiple school support.
  • On Android, fixed a bug where a user could set a destination of a pass to its origin
  • On Android, demo sign in now automatically signs in with previous details.
  • On Android, added foreground notifications.
  • On Android, fixed a bug that would move the user to the sign in screen when clicking a notification.