A teacher has a room or multiple rooms to which students can create passes. A teacher can manage passes in his/her room and create passes. In addition, in the Hall Monitor tab, teachers can view a live feed of active hall passes.

Teachers, counselors, nurses, librarians, and aids are examples of positions that would use a teacher profile. In addition, administrators with a room(s) can access the teacher profile using the Profile Switcher.

Three Tabs:

Passes & Requests

Hall Monitor

My Room

How Teachers Can Access SmartPass

Teachers can access SmartPass on the website as well as the mobile app. See the Using SmartPass section on the Welcome to SmartPass page.

Teacher Sign in

Teachers will sign in with their G Suite for Education account provided by the school district. Teachers cannot access the SmartPass system with their personal Google Account.

Last updated on

May 28, 2019

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