The third tab on the Administrator View is the Search tab. This is where administrators can search and filter by students, rooms, and time to quickly see insights into pass activity and generate reports.


Administrators can add certain filters to their searches to narrow results.


By adding a student filter, instead of searching all student passes, administrators can select one or more students to only see their passes.


By adding a rooms filter, instead of searching all rooms, administrators can select one or more rooms to only see those passes. In addition, an administrator can quickly select all rooms within a certain folder, as well as select whether they want to search the room as an origin, destination, or either.

Date & Time

By adding a date and time filter, instead of searching all time, administrators can select a certain date or range within the drop down menu.


Administrators can sort the list of search results by any of the columns by clicking on the header column title.

Generating Reports

Administrators can generate a PDF or CSV report of the search results. They can also just select a few passes to generate the report from by using the checkboxes.

Last updated on

May 28, 2019

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