Hall Monitor

The second tab on the Administrator View is the Hall Monitor tab. This is where administrators can see all currently Active Passes in the school and see report students teachers sent for not having an Active Pass.

View Active Passes

Administrators can view a list of Active Passes throughout the entire school. Each pass shows a timer countdown of the time remaining on the pass, which student the pass is for, and the student's destination.


Administrators can search the list of Active Passes to see if a student has an Active Pass. Administrators can search by student name or by destination.


Teachers can sort the list of Active Passes. Teachers can sort by Pass Expiration Time (default), Student Name, and Destination.

Reported Students

Administrators can view a feed of reports sent by teachers, notifying administrators that a student did not have an Active Pass while they were in the hallway or for other disciplinary reasons.

Administrators can click the Print icon to generate a PDF of the report.

In addition, administrators can click the Calendar icon to change the date that they are viewing the reports.

Last updated on

January 26, 2019

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