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New Horizons High School Transforms Student Engagement and Behavior with SmartPass

Discover how New Horizons High School, part of the Pasco School District in Pasco, WA, successfully implemented SmartPass to reduce classroom absences and behavior referrals, leading to a positive shift in student culture.

New Horizons High School
Pasco, WA
Using SmartPass Since 2022-23
Using SmartPass For

Classroom Attendance Tracking, Reducing Classroom Absences, Behavior Referral Management

Paula Bazinet
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For Paula Bazinet and her fellow staff at New Horizons High School, it was time to make changes that would address student absences from the classroom and reduce behavior referrals.

The traditional and all-too-tired approach of students lingering in the bathroom until the next class caused disruptions and hindered their academic progress.

The school sought a solution to track student movements, improve communication among staff, and gather accurate data on student attendance.


By implementing SmartPass, New Horizons High School revolutionized its approach to student engagement and behavior management.

With SmartPass, students who arrived late in the morning were quickly checked-in and explicitly instructed to go directly to class. The system enabled monitoring of students' whereabouts outside the classroom and provided insights into the duration of their breaks. As a result, New Horizons witnessed a significant reduction in the amount of time students spent outside the classroom.

Staff members benefited from improved communication and data-driven conversations about student attendance and behavior. Instead of relying on guesswork, they had access to accurate information to guide their interventions and support strategies.

Students, initially skeptical about the system, gradually embraced SmartPass as an integral part of the school culture. A clearly much more positive culture, as student behavior is much improved—evidence by a notable decrease in behavior referrals since instituting SmartPass.

"We're able to track where students are going when they're not in class and how long they're taking for breaks. SmartPass has been a true game changer for us here at New Horizons High School."

- Paula Bazinet, ASL Teacher, Department Chair, PBIS Tier 1 Facilitator


The implementation of SmartPass brought about remarkable results at New Horizons High School.

The availability of accurate data through SmartPass empowered staff members to have data-based conversations, facilitating targeted interventions and support for students. By implementing this transformative solution, New Horizons High School fostered a positive shift in student engagement and behavior, enhancing the overall educational experience for all stakeholders.

SmartPass has become an essential tool in the school's daily operations. It streamlines attendance tracking, reduces classroom absences, and fosters a data-driven approach to student management and success. New Horizons High School is excited to continue its partnership with SmartPass to ensure a more focused, productive, and supportive learning environment for its students.

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