SmartPass Flex

Organize Flex Periods Seamlessly

Make scheduling a breeze and improve accountability for advisory periods, activities, interventions, and more.

Boost Learning Outcomes with Flex Periods

Optimize instructional time by seamlessly integrating flex periods into your daily schedule
Combat learning loss with targeted interventions and personalized learning experiences
Empower students to take ownership of their education through choice and autonomy
Studies show that Flex Periods  Increase Graduation Rates
SmartPass is trusted by 2,000+ schools to maximize instructional time.
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How it Works
Effortless Flex Scheduling & Rosters
Admins Set Up Customized Schedule
Seamlessly integrate flex periods into your daily or weekly schedule, optimizing instructional time for teachers and students.
Teachers Create Activities
Create tailored activities, assign students based on preferences and requirements, and set maximum capacities.
Student Voice & Choice
Empower students to self-select activities, promoting autonomy and personalized learning paths. Teachers can override, too.
Flex is Flexible
Manage Programs Beyond Traditional Flex Periods
Student Wellness
Dances & Prom Tickets
Pep Rallies & Sports
Customized Lunches

Drive Personalized Learning and Support

Simplify Attendance and Check-In
Historic and real-time attendance tracking with SmartPass Attendance.
Maximize Instructional Time
Seamlessly integrate flex periods to maximize valuable instructional time.
Utilize Data Insights
Gain valuable analytics on participation, engagement, and academic progress for data-driven decision-making.
Easy & Personalized Set Up

Simple Setup for Effective Flex Period Management

Integrates with Your Existing System
Sync with your Clever, ClassLink, or G Suite. Will take your IT less than 10 minutes.
Dedicated Project Manager
Get personalized support to guide you through the setup process and address your specific needs.
Resources & Best Practices
Access user guides and “schedule experts” to maximize the impact of flex periods on student outcomes.
We Take Privacy Seriously
We uphold strict data privacy standards to safeguard your school's information, ensuring confidentiality and protection

Optimize the Flex Factor: Unlock School Success

Organize flex periods seamlessly to optimize instructional time, promote student engagement, and streamline administrative tasks.
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