Little Enhancements

Launched on

February 19, 2019

  • Showing email IDs next to student names, addressing the issue with schools that have multiple students with the same first and last name.
  • New Sign in page, renaming “Demo Sign in” to “Alternative Sign in” and including friendly error message.
  • Full support for users that are part of multiple schools with the same G Suite account.
  • Friendly empty states, showing illustrations when there aren’t any passes in a certain location.
  • Fixed issues with sorting by name on the Hall Monitor tab.
  • Fixed issues with passes ending after the 20 minute expiration.
  • On web, administrators can click on a row in the search tab to view the pass card details.
  • On web, browser spell-check is enabled for Pass Configuration room and folder names.
  • On web, hovering over the graph to see the number of Active Passes was made easier.
  • On web, reordering favorites in favorites settings is now possible
  • On web, fixed issue with date selector sometimes showing incorrect dates