Accounts features

Launched on

May 28, 2019

  • Performance enhancements.
  • When selecting a destination, the rooms a teacher is assigned to will show up at the the top
  • More room icons (shhh...5,000 more), ability to search icons, icon names, and suggested icons.
  • Intro pages for students and teachers have been designed and simplified.
  • Dark theme on web.
  • Administrator Search tab redesign.
  • School setting for displaying room numbers on passes.
  • On the My Room tab, if a teacher is part of multiple rooms, when switching between tabs the last room they selected will persist and won’t get reset with the first room in the list.
  • Administrators have the option to export reports as a CSV.
  • If a teacher is part of multiple rooms, there is an option to see all passes from all the teacher’s rooms at the same time.
  • More friendly empty states, showing illustrations when there aren’t any search results, no student groups, no favorites, no rooms, no permission, and more.
  • Settings page redesign, with the profile switcher built in to the settings page.
  • Tweaks to all system icons, especially for higher-resolution displays.
  • The message page now shows who the student is sending the pass request to.
  • On iOS, support for split-screen functionality and multitasking.