Getting Started

Teacher Overview

By using the SmartPass Teacher view, teachers, counselors, nurses, librarians, or even Admins with Rooms are able to manage the hall pass traffic easier than ever before. With the ability to manage Scheduled Passes and Requests to monitoring live Passes in and out your Room and the halls, your Students will be accounted for at every step of the way.


Passes - The home screen where you can issue Passes, manage your inbox, or see Scheduled Passes.

Hall Monitor - A live feed of all Passes that are active in the school. (At Admin discretion)

My Room - A comprehensive list of Passes to and from your Room at any date or time.

Settings - Personalizing your SmartPass experience to best fit your needs.

How to access:

SmartPass can be accessed through the website at or on mobile through the App Store or Google Play.

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