Rooms Overview

A general overview of SmartPass Room creation

The fourth tab on the Administrator View is the Pass Configuration tab. This is where administrators can create and modify the Rooms and Folders in the entire school.

General Settings

At the top of the page, the Options button can be used to alter general Pass settings. These settings include:

  • Showing Room Numbers - By toggling this on or off, it will alter how all users see the names of Rooms on Passes. For example "Room 1" would change to "Room 1 (R1)"
  • Pass Buffer Time - The number that is entered here is how long (in minutes) an expiring Pass will count up until it automatically ends and is moved to the Expired Pass section.

Room vs. Folder

A Room is a single location that a Pass can be made as its Origin or Destination. Locations in the school that would be Rooms could be the Bathroom, Water Fountain, or Gym. Folders contain multiple Rooms, for instance Classrooms or Offices.

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