Getting Started

Mock Demo

How do I schedule?

In the top right of the screen (or here) you can click the grey Get a Demo button to begin scheduling a live demo.

Once there, simply follow the prompts on the screen and you will have a meeting time scheduled with one of our Customer Success representatives.

After everything is scheduled, you will be able to join with your personalized Zoom link and the Demo will be underway.

If you would like to try SmartPass out for a free trial instead, feel free to click the green Sign up now button (or here) to start using SmartPass.

You can always schedule a demo or contact us via email at or live chat at any time if you have questions.

What will be covered?

Once in the demo, the SmartPass representative that has been assigned to you will first go over what SmartPass is in a general sense.

Afterwards, they will go into detail about the various views that SmartPass has to offer. These include Student, Teacher, and Admin views.

During this live demo, your representative will explain the core functionality of each as well as describe some popular use cases.

While going through these, it is greatly encouraged for you to inquire about specific applications for your school.

SmartPass has customization around every turn and we strive to tailor every school's SmartPass experience just for them.

After the demo has concluded, you can get started using SmartPass right away and/or get all the support you could ever need to start using it immediately.

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