Getting Started

General Overview

SmartPass has a plethora of tools, analytics, and customization so that administrators can make the most of a personalized SmartPass system. An Admin is able to manage Accounts and Rooms, view Pass data from searches, and generate Reports of hallway activity from the past and present.


Dashboard - The dashboard gives administrators quick access to key analytics.

Hall Monitor - A live look at what is going on in your halls paired with comprehensive student Reports.

Search - Gives Admins a thorough and in depth page to search, aggregate, and generate reports from all Passes.

Rooms - Allows for full customization over the Rooms that Students have access to. Everything down to the icon and color makes SmartPass custom tailored to your school.

Accounts - Easy to use Account management that syncs with your SIS and gives a rich permission system for SmartPass Accounts.

My School - Resources for your school to launch SmartPass successfully.

How to access:

SmartPass for admins can only be accessed through the website at www.smartpass.app/app

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