Adding Standard Accounts

How to add or remove standard accounts

Adding Accounts

Manually adding an account is simple:

  1. On the Accounts Tab, hit the green Add button on the top.
  2. Search for an existing G Suite user or create a new Standard Account.
  3. Click on the white Add button on the top right of the window.
  4. If you can't see the list of all accounts, hit the gray arrow icon on the right of the add button to display them.

Deleting Accounts

Deleting an account will permanently erase all data. Only use this if you never want the user to be able to sign in again. You can also temporarily disable an account. See below for instructions.


  1. On the Accounts tab, click the gray arrow icon to the right of the add button. This will display all accounts in SmartPass.
  2. Search for the account you are looking for in the search bar.
  3. Click the edit button and select the account
  4. Click Delete Account & Data

Disabling Sign In

Sometimes you want an account to be inactive without deleting it. Disabling sign in temporarily prevents that user from being able to sign in with the current user group. For example, maybe a misbehaving student has lost their hallway privileges and you want to disable their sign in.

  1. Go to the group on which you want to disable sign in
  2. Click on the user to bring up their profile
  3. Click on the disable sign in button

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