Accounts Overview

The fifth tab on the Administrator View is the Accounts tab. This is where Administrators can create or delete user Accounts, assign Account permissions, and sync with G Suite. (More integrations coming soon)

Account Types/Groups

Accounts can be of two types:

  • A Standard Account - Where a user is manually added through the website and sign in with a username/email and password.
  • A G Suite Account - Where a user has been added by syncing through G Suite and sign in with their Google credentials.

An account can be assigned to one or more of the following groups (with the exception of assistants):

  • Admins
  • Teachers
  • Assistants
  • Students

You can find more information on the permission associated with each group here.

Viewing Accounts

For both of the following, the resulting table can be sorted by clicking the column header and searched/filtered by using the search bar in the page header

  • All Accounts - To view all Accounts, click the arrow in the far right of the page header. To return to the list of Groups, click it again.
  • Accounts by Group - By clicking the arrow on the corresponding Group, only the accounts of the selected Group will appear. To return to the list of Groups, click the arrow in the far left of the page header

Viewing Account Info

Clicking on an account will display it's profile. At a glance, you can see their name, email/username, sign-in status, last-sign in, and other relevant information.

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