Add ID Numbers

Integrate ID numbers into SmartPass.

Adding ID numbers to SmartPass is a great way to let you bring more information to SmartPass about your students, allow you to filter by ID number, let students use them for access, and more...

How to set it up

1. Create the map file

Fill out a CSV spreadsheet containing an account's email in the first column, and the corresponding ID number second column.

A template for the map file can be downloaded here.


  • If using an email address, double check that the email address is formatted correctly.

2. Upload the ID Numbers

Navigate to the Profile Pictures Integration page. Sign in with your administrator account, click on Accounts, then Integrations on the top left, and finally scroll down to find the ID Numbers integration. Click Set up.

On the ID Numbers page, click Choose CSV then select the map file that you created above. After uploading, if you return to the list of student accounts, ID numbers will appear.

Frequently asked questions

Can I add ID numbers individually?

No, you can only bulk upload ID numbers.

Can I use Clever, ClassLink, or G Suite to automatically sync my student's ID numbers?

No, not yet. Sync with ClassLink and G Suite are coming in Fall 2022.

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