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Does SmartPass have a GPS tracking system?

No, SmartPass does not use GPS to track student location at any time. It is a digital version of typical sign out sheets used in classrooms today.

How can students and teachers access SmartPass?

Students and teachers can access SmartPass through a website or mobile apps (iPhone, iPad, and Android). No matter what device you are using, each have the same functionality.

How can this be used in emergency situations?

SmartPass provides an accounting that can be useful in emergency situations (fires, intruders, etc.), where pulling a roster of students with active hall passes is critical to emergency services. During a lockdown, students in transit who are pulled into the nearest classroom will report their revised, safe location to administration through the SmartPass app.  Administrators will know every student with an active hall pass at the time of the lockdown, and their safe status during the lockdown.

What if a student forgets their school-provided device or the battery is dead?

Teachers can create and schedule passes for students. Not only is that useful if a student doesn’t have their device, but if a teacher wants to schedule a test-makeup, counselor appointment, early dismissal, etc.

How is Data Stored? Can “Bad Guys” get into SmartPass?

Data security and safeguarding are top priorities at SmartPass. We adhere to ISO security standards and take extreme measures to ensure customer data is protected. Data in transit uses SSL encryption with a digital certificate, and data at rest is provided by Google Cloud. Learn more here: www.smartpass.app/legal

Where can I find out more about Student Privacy?

SmartPass complies with both the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act to ensure that student's rights are protected. We work with schools and parents with accessing information, and abide that school districts own and control "Personal Student Information." We work closely with customers to provide the ability to access, modify, and delete data in compliance with these laws. Learn more here: www.smartpass.app/legal

I saw something about pass time limits. What are those?

Pass time limits are customized by school administrators and are guidelines for the time students actually take in the hallway. The goal is to have ultimate student accountability, so even if the pass time is expiring, the intention is to have an accurate account of which students are currently outside of the classroom.When the time runs out, it starts counting up - so kids can’t get caught without a hall pass.

Does the student need to have a device with them after making a pass?

Since it is a digital pass, hall monitors are able to see the student has the active pass - no need to carry the laptop with you to the bathroom or out of class.

If I am having issues with SmartPass, what should I do?

If you have a question about how SmartPass works, how to use it, encounter a bug, or simply want to give feedback, feel free to reach out to us at support@smartpass.app.