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SmartPass is the first digital hall pass solution with a focus on school safety. It provides administrators the whereabouts of which students are outside the classroom at any point. In case of emergencies such as fires, severe weather, or building intruders, administrators have real-time access to this critical information. Beyond the uses for emergency situations, the transition from paper to digital makes identifying drug use in bathrooms or students who may be taking advantage of hallway privileges easier than ever. This leads to more effective and informative parent teacher conferences, as well as ensuring students are where they should be- in the classroom learning.

Here you'll find everything you need to know about SmartPass, whether you need a quick refresher on a feature or a comprehensive overview of everything.

Getting Started

If you're brand new to the system, schedule a demo with our support team so they can give you a demo and get you setup:

If you need detailed information on a specific topic, click on the links on the sidebar.

What are groups?

The SmartPass system is organized by types of user: students, teachers, administrators, and assistants. These four groups of users each perform different tasks and use the system differently.


A student can create passes, schedule passes for the future, and send pass requests to teachers.


A teacher has a room or multiple rooms to which students can create passes. A teacher can manage passes in his/her room and create passes. Teachers, counselors, nurses, librarians, and aids are examples of positions that would have a teacher profile.


An administrator has a high-level look at the school, views/generates reports, configures passes, and manages accounts and profiles. Principals, Vice Principals, and Assistant Principals are examples of positions that would have an administrator profile.


An assistant acts on behalf of a certain teacher when they sign in. They can manage passes in his/her room and create passes as that teacher. Assistants, secretaries, and substitute teachers are examples of positions that would have an assistant profile.

How to use SmartPass

SmartPass is available on Web, iOS, and Android. If you want to use SmartPass on a mobile device, you must download the iOS or Android SmartPass Mobile app.


Click App Icon on the homepage or sign in directly by visiting If your school uses a launchpad of websites, you can sign in through that as well.


Visit the App Store on the iPhone and search “SmartPass Mobile” or click here.


Visit the Google Play Store on an Android device and search “SmartPass Mobile” or click here. Please note the Android app has a different design than Web and iOS to increase usability for Android-familiar users.

What is Sign in with Google?

Each user signs in to the SmartPass website or mobile app with their G Suite for Education account provided by the school district. Students, teachers, and administrators cannot access the SmartPass system with their personal Google Account unless set-up manually with us.

Note: Alternative Sign in at the bottom is for demo and internal use only

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August 26, 2019

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