Students have the option to receive various push notifications to their devices, as well as set-up which notifications they want to receive. Notifications also have custom sounds based on the type of notification.

Active Pass Notifications

  • 1 Minute Left Alert: alerts a student that they have one minute left on a pass.
  • Pass Expiration Alert: alerts when the Active Pass has run out of time.
  • New Pass from Teacher: alerts when a teacher sends a student a pass for now.

Scheduled Pass Notifications

  • New Scheduled Pass: alerts when a student receives a non-declinable pass from a teacher.
  • Upcoming Scheduled Pass: alerts when a student has a Scheduled Pass that starts in 5 minutes.
  • Scheduled Pass Started: alerts when a Scheduled Pass turns into an Active Pass.
  • Scheduled Pass Updates: alerts if a Scheduled Pass is deleted.

Pass Request Notifications

  • New Pass Requests: alerts when a student receives a Pass Request.
  • Pass Request Updates: alerts when a Pass Request is approved or denied by a teacher.

Notifications are supported on the following devices:


Students can bookmark the locations from which their passes originate as favorites to make pass creation quicker.


Students can choose whether they want to view SmartPass is light theme or a dark theme. It's the little things in life, isn't it?

View Intro

Students can rewatch the introduction pages that were presented to them when they first signed in to the website and first signed in to the mobile app. This can help them review top features of the system.

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May 28, 2019

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