Creating Passes

1. Now vs. Future

Students can create a pass for Now or a pass for the Future. If a student wants to have a pass for right now, then he or she would select Now. If a student wants to schedule a pass for the future, then he or she would select Future.

2. From where?

Students select the room they are currently in. Students can search all the rooms in the school or select from the list. Students can also set-up favorite rooms in Settings.

3. To where?

Students then select the room that they want to go to. Administrators customize the passes in pass configuration.

Rooms without locks are unrestricted and students can make a pass without digital teacher approval.

Rooms with locks are restricted and students need digital teacher approval to receive a pass. Learn more about Pass Requests here.

Send Pass Request To?

Rooms with lock icons will be sent as Pass Requests to a teacher a student chooses. Students can send this Pass Request to any teacher, but they are prompted with a Quick Select menu that allows them to select teachers that are a part of that restricted room.

Advanced Room Options: Administrators may configure advanced room options which will further restrict which teacher(s) the pass request may be sent to, including support for sending pass requests to multiple teachers.


Students can also attach a message to the Pass Request, for instance to explain to a teacher why they want to go somewhere.

5. Travel Type & Duration

Students select the travel type of the pass and the pass duration. Administrators customize both in the school set up.

Travel type: This indicates whether it is a round-trip pass or a one-way pass. For example, a pass to the Bathroom would be round-trip, since a student is going to the Bathroom and then coming back to class.

Duration: This indicates the maximum time the student expects to need the pass for.

Last updated on

May 27, 2019

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