The SmartPass Story

Dan Bontempo

November 1, 2022

Daniel Bontempo is an Assistant Principal at Methacton High School in the Philadelphia suburbs

As teachers and administrators we are tasked with influencing students in a positive way to set them on a trajectory for success.  You don’t always get to see if all your work and passion have long term effects on your students.  But I am lucky enough to have been able to see just that.

Five years ago I had an idea, a simple idea of creating a pass system that helped keep our kids safe and make our teachers' lives easier.  What better way to make a dream a reality than inspiring the same students we see everyday to create, design and launch a system to meet that need.  

Looking across our school there were clearly a few students that stood out in both knowledge and determination.  These are the students I pitched the first electronic hall pass idea too. 

In a sea of Edtech tools this is what makes SmartPass, SmartPass.  It was started by an Assistant Principal, me, and 5 high school students.

Now, those young men are genius computer engineers, two of whom are devoting their talents to create the most efficient and user friendly/appealing digital hall pass possible.

Since its inception, SmartPass has reinvested every dollar of profit back into advanced feature development. Our goal is to assist all schools with providing the safest and most orderly school environment possible because that’s where students excel and reach their full potential.

I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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